Technical Assistance

Celko Chemical firmly believes that Technical Assistance is of fundamental importance to achieve the goal of Total Quality.


The technical advice provided by Celko Chemical to managers and plant engineers, is not limited to the study and design of a treatment program, but it continues during the normal plant management with periodic technical visits and controls (Service on field).

Celko Chemical also provides:

  • shut down inspections
  • specific case-studies and chemical analyses
  • updating of the applied technology

The Celko specialist is an highly qualified and skilled engineer. His experience, continuously fed by a constant technical updating, is built up on years of studies, research and field tests.
The Celko specialist is supported by the most advanced hardware and software tools, as well as by the most sophisticated laboratory and field instrumentation. His expertise is ready for you.

The long term cooperation with primary firms specializing in areas such as plant engineering, instrumental control and accessorizing, allows Celko to manage from a wider viewpoint all the problems relevant to the various types of auxiliary plants.

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