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A line of Celko products is specifically devoted to the solution of the operative and environmental problems related to the combustion process of heavy fuel oils and coals.

Chemical treatment of
combustion process
Celken K233
Organic treatment for flue gas conditioning, based on organo-magnesium compounds. Advantages:
- increase of melting point of sodium-vanadium complexes;
- reduction of corrosion both in high and low temperature sections of boilers or furnaces;
- reduction of acid fall-out
Celken K235
Special combination of organo-magnesium with pre-flame additives and combustion catalyst.
Celken K240
Celken K241
Special water-in-oil emulsifiers and catalysts for heavy fuels oils. Advantages:
- stable micronic dispersion of water in F.O;
- reduction of unburned carbon (better combustion of heavy hydrocarbons such as asfaltenes) reduction of deposits;
- reduction of NOX and SO3
Celken K250
Celken K253
Stable micronized fluid suspentions of suitable magnesium oxide and other oxides, with organic coadjuvant, in light hydrocarbons, for total conditioning of flue gases and ashes. Advantages:
- reduction of deposits in whole boiler reduction of corrosion both in high and low temperature parts of boiler or furnace;
- increase of boiler efficiency and availability;
- reduction in acid fall out
Celken K260
Stable fluid suspentions of magnesium hydroxide and coadjuvant in water. Similar chemical and phisical action of Celken K 250.

These chemicals include pre-flame additives and combustion additives and find application in:
  • preventing sludge formation and corrosion in fuel circuits
  • improving the atomization of heavy fuel oils
  • catalyzing combustion processes
  • preventing the corrosion from melting salts and from acid condensation
  • minimizing deposits formation
  • increasing boiler efficiency
  • reducing the impact of the emissions on the environment
  • reducing maintenance costs


Pre-flame fuel oil treatments
Celken K202
Celken K204
Special line of organic chemicals based on fluidizers, anti-mud, dispersants, corrosion inhibitors for the complete conditioning of heavy fuel oils, from the tank till burners.
Celken K213
Celken K215
Chemicals provide, depending on formula, following actions:
- anti-fouling in F.O. pre-heaters, filters and burners (against paraffine and asphaltenes muds);
- corrosion inhibition in F.O. pipe lines;
- reduction of unburned carbon; better atomization of fuel, reduction of air pollution and fuel consumption (energy saving). Recommended for fire-tube boilers or small water-tube boilers.
Combustion catalysis
Celken K220
Celken K223
Special combinations of combustion catalysts; they provide a specific action in the flame by favourating high temperature oxydation processes, besides the pre-flame properties described above. Reduction of air excess and unburned carbon. Sensible improvements in energy saving and air pollution control. Recommended for fire-tube boilers or small water tube boilers.
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