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To solve to the problems of primary and waste waters depuration, both for municipal and industrial uses, Celko offers a complete set of products comprising:

  • Anionic, cationic and non-ionic polyelectrolites
  • Primary flocculants, anti-foams Processing aids

Water clarification
Celklar F850A
Celklar F857A
Powdered series of anionic polyelectrolytes with high molecular weight, decreasing ionic charge, for water clarification and all other processes where coagulation of solids or colloids are needed.
Celklar F860A
Celklar F865A
Liquid (emulsions) series of anionic polyelectrolytes with high molecular weight, decreasing ionic charge.
Celklar F842N
Celklar F843N
Powdered, high molecular weight, non-ionic, polyelectrolytes.
Celklar F880C
Celklar F8887C
Powdered, high molecular weight, series of cationic polyelectrolytes for water clarification, oil flotation, sludge concentration, etc.
Celklar F892C
Celklar F896C
Liquid (solution or emulsion) series of cationic polyelectrolytes, for water clarification, oil separation, water filtration (coadjuvant), etc.
Celklar E670
Celklar E673
Polymeric "oil in water" emulsion breakers.
Celkroth E121
Celkroth E125
Siliconic and non-siliconic antifoaming agents (oils or emulsions).
Air pollution
Celkoat E680
Special antipowder, film-forming, polymeric series of chemicals. They are used on mineral agglomerates for environmental protection and energy saving in coal-firing Power Stations, mines, cement work, steel industry, etc.
Pollution by oils
Celklean E390
Celklean E393
Oil absorbing agents for environmental protection, work shop safety, water purification.
Cooling Waters Desalination Primary and Waste Waters Industrial Chemical Cleanings
Steam / Water Thermal Cycles Combustion Sugar-mill Processes Paper-mill Processes
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