Total Quality
Celko Chemical Quality Management System is certified to be compliant with UNI EN ISO 9002 standard for the EA 12 field of activity: Production and sale of industrial chemical additives

Celko Chemical's Quality target is to find the best solution to any of the customer's  operating problems, focusing the attention on the environmental safeguard and on the Safety. This goal is reached through the use of non-toxic products.

The primary aim of the Celko specialists is the careful survey of the whole problem, followed by the search for the most appropriate solution from the economical as well as from the ecological point of view.

Each solution is tailored to the specific needs of the client and is not limited by the standard approach of searching for the traditional technologies and for the cheapest products.

We offer Technologies to Technologists.

Applied Scientific Research

The experimentation is the vital lymph of the Company.  The innovating impulse, deriving from the most different operative needs on the industrial plants, stimulates continuously Celko researchers to study, develop and test new products and technics of chemical treatment, ecologically responding to present and future needs.

Celko Chemical is continuously updating its knowledge, in keeping up with the latest discoveries on natural molecules and with the newest products developed by the synthetic and polymer industries. This in order to improve the performance of its chemicals and their compatibility with the Ecosystem.

Celko Chemical s.r.l.